Monday, April 20, 2009


Our little dog had to have an operation this morning
She had a large lump on her teat that was causing her discomfort
Poor little thing is home in her bed but still has not woken up Seems to be taking a long time
She will be 13 in June
At her age we wouldn't have put her through the op , but the lump was getting so big she was having trouble walking
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Anonymous said...

I hope Bella gets well quickly, its so sad when the one's furryfriends hurt isn't it.

Anonymous said...

Hello My Friend, so sorry about Bella, we are having a problem with our little dog...he had an op last October and now his other hind leg is wearing out.....we are keeping him comfortable....cannot bear to think about the next step....I will be giving the quilt to a friend of my Mum's who every year has a luncheon and they will raffle it.....I dropped the quilt to the machine quilters today and will have a random rose design....Regards Lyn

barn owl said...

I trust Bella is alright.
I know how worried you will be about her.

Thank you for the comments you made on my blog.