Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Elder daughters quilt
Have been out in the garden but it got a bit warm Worked up a sweat
Certainly would be good to have some rain
I have been " surfing" blogs lately
Iam really enjoying looking at what people make and sharing a little of their lives
Sometimes though it makes me feel that my site is a little boring in comparison,but I enjoy it so I guess in the long run thats the main thing
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Lindi said...

That's a lovely quilt. I have just started a kaleidoscope but my first block is not acceptable! lol

I enjoy your blog. Blogging is about writing and showing what you want. I think most of us make a start, and then get more adventurous as we go. That's why older blogs look, to our eyes, better than what our own does.

sMC said...

boring.... never....

Anonymous said...

A lovely quilt. I am not yet as adventurous as that with quilts. And your blog is great, I love reading it. xxx