Saturday, March 7, 2009

Nice to see a little rain this morning
Hubby myself and two Grandsons went to my Mums to cut down a tree for her It was a poplar tree and was leaning dangerously close to power lines and with the high winds of the past week she hasn't been sleeping worrying about it
My Mum lives about 40 minutes away from us She is 81 and still lives in her own home on her own
I try to get over to see her about once a week


Pamela said...

welcome to world of blogging..and your quilts look great.

Anonymous said...

Illene, check my blog to see the award I have given you....
Sheila or myself will help you sort it if you need us too. xxx

sMC said...

Rain was good. But not so sure about the cold and the earth tremour.
Well done to your mum for being so well.